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2010 Budget of Municipality of Kardzhali was accepted

 25 February 2010

The warning of the Movement of Rights and Freedom (MRF) City Council members and an hour long break during the session made their mark on the approval session of the 2010 Budget of Kardzhali Municipality. The speech of Vyacheslav Spasov, councilor of the Ataka Party, during the discussions discontented most of the councilors. Because of his speech the session was given a break and Warning signed by MRF City Council members was read. The warning was also declared to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, 41st President of the Assembly, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Discrimination Prevention Commission and to the European Commission.

As the Movement of Rights and Freedom City Council members of the Municipality of Kardzhali, we censure the speech of Vyacheslav Spasov made during the council session because of the since it hosted racist and chauvinist messages.
With his words this person took us back to the darkest ages of the Bulgarian history, to the 1990s when Turkish original Bulgarian citizens fought for their citizen rights during the “Returning to the Breed” policies of Bulgaria.

In order to provoke ethnic tension he consciously insulted to the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis and MRF City Council members during the discussion session of the draft of the 2010 Budget of Kardzhali Municipality.
We censure vehemently and furiously the attempts that try to leave our commitment to the Republic of Bulgaria under suspicion.
In Bulgaria which is now a member of European Union there cannot be policies like “Returning to the Breed” or policies to eliminate ethnical diversification anymore.

The provocation of ethnical tension and shoving intolerance by a representative of a political party is unacceptable.

We always support ethnic tolerance and settlement of the idea of European equality. Hence we are against the diversification of people according to their ethnicity, sex and religion. As Bulgarian citizens we worked to develop the lives and welfare of the Kardzhalian citizens.

I invite the political parties, civil society organizations and the citizens laden with responsibility to work on to strengthen the position of Kardzhali as a center of tolerance.
The Congress of Municipality of Kardzhali opened at 13.20 after a long break. The discussions of 2010 Budget of Municipality of Kardzhali continued and it was accepted with 25 votes.


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