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Eng. Hasan Azis Met Excellency James B. Warlick Jr.

 26 February 2010

This morning the Bulgarian Ambassador of United States of America, James B. Warlick Jr., met Mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis, and his team. This was the first meeting of the 1 day visit of the Ambassador and it lasted 1 hour. During the meeting Eng. Hasan Azis gave information to Mr. Warlick about the projects and investments made by the Municipality so far. He shared his opinions about the development of Kardzhali and he mentioned the strategic location of the city which will increase especially after the opening of Makaza Road. Moreover, subjects like the effects of the global financial crises and the policies applied by the Municipality to prevent these effects, the improvement of tourism, relations between different ethnic groups were covered during the meeting. Mayor Azis mentioned the associations between Kardzhali and Elhart the sister city of Kardzhali.

Excellency James B. Warlick Jr. stated that he was impressed by the city and the things he heard about the city in the first meeting. After the meeting he said; “I am very happy to be here. This is the first city I visit in Bulgaria apart from Sofia and choosing Kardzhali is not a coincidence. I am impressed by this city. The Mayor of the city is a very far-sighted person with knowledge about the future of the city and what the city should be like in the future.”
Ambassador mentioned that the reason of the choice of Kardzhali as the first city to visit officially except the capital is the cultural and ethnical structure of the city. He also added that the city met their expectations. Excellency James B. Warlick Jr.congratulated the Mayor of the city and his team for the great work done. He stated that he was eagerly waiting to see the city and meet the citizens of this city.
After the meeting with Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis, Excellency James B. Warlick Jr. visited Kapitan Petko Voyvoda Electrics and Electronics High School. He participated to the English lecture of the teacher who is a volunteer of Peace Power and afterwards met the governor. In the end of the day Ambassador of United States of America will attend to Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Kardzhali American Friends Association. The celebration will take place in the Regional History Museum at 17:00. At the celebration a photography exhibition named “America and Kardzhali” will be presented and a book –The History of a Friendship: The Relationship between Bulgarians and Americans in Kardzhali Region After 1989 – written by the Head of the Kardzhali American Friends Association, Valentin Ivanov, will be introduced.


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