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250 “Martenichka”s to the Kardzhalian Children

 01 March 2010

Today, first class students in Kardzhali welcomed “Baba Marta” by a cheerful feast. This activity was organized by Municipality of Kardzhali and United Children’s Complex (UCC). Children had fun with cranky clown Partsalinka, they sang songs, danced, played games and welcomed “Baba Marta” together. She, gave 250 red&white “Martenichka”s and wished smiley faces to all Kardzhalian children. “Martenichka”s were prepared by the children from UCC. Wishing to be healthy first class students jumped over the fire. Kardzhali Municipality made everyone happy with delicious foods and smiles. Young men who are members of UCC Council of Children and Youth visited Municipality of Kardzhali, Provincial Administration, Regional Education Inspectorate, Nursing home and Society for the Protection of Children and distributed “Martenichka”.


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