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“Fashing” Carnival

 01 March 2010

Hristo Botev Foreign Languages High School sent the evil forces away by the “Fashing” Carnival. “Fashing” Carnival is a carnival specific to Germany and Austria. It is celebrated in February each year as the beginning of the lent. Lent begins after the celebration. Hence, “Fashing” symbolizes abundance and entertainment for the modest Christians. For the centuries this celebration is being related to the awakening of the natural forces and the hope of wealth and abundance. German Department 8th class student of Hristo Botev Foreign Languages High School had fun for 3 hours at the celebration of “Fashing” Carnival at the ceremonial hall of the school. The youngest students of the school were dressed as witches, clowns, forest fairies and as vampires. They sang songs and performed plays in German. Carnival was organized by Manuel Groecsh and the teacher who is attending to the 8th class German lectures. Manuel is in Bulgaria since September within the framework of “Kulterweit” Program and he successfully keeps up with school. He prepared many surprises to the participants of “Fashing” Carnival. Participants formed 4 groups each consisting of 12 students and these 4 groups competed in 8 different games like “A trip to Jerusalem”, “Feather, fly to the far!”, “Eat the donut” etc. And the celebration ended with the best costume competition. Celebration of “Fashing” Carnival was entertaining and cheerful this year. This carnival is likely to be a tradition in Hristo Botev Foreign Languages High School that will be eagerly awaited by everybody.


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