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Kardzhali celebrated 3rd of March officially

 03 March 2010

At the celebration of the National Holiday the representatives of all the schools of the city attended to the muster parade in the main street of the city. The arena in front of the “Monument of the Survivors” was full of citizens and guests in the city. The celebration of the 132nd Anniversary of the Bulgarian Independence started with putting wreathes and flowers to the Russian Soldier Monument. Saluting the national flag to commemorate the heroes who died for the sake of the liberation of the motherhood took place. Many wreaths and flowers were presented by state provincial and district offices, non-governmental organizations, political parties and school representatives. On the 3rd of March the Ayastefanos Peace Treaty was signed and this ended the War of 93 (1877-1878 Ottoman-Russo War). It was the one of the most important days of the Bulgaria’s History since the foundation of the 3rd Independent Bulgarian State was laid this day. Hereby, our homeland became one of the European countries where it always belonged. Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis stated that this place of Bulgaria among the European countries is gained thanks to the thousands of talented Bulgarian citizens – financial and moral supports of the experts, philosophers, artists and reverends. Today, for one more time we should remember the heroes that provided us independent lives at the hazards of their own lives, we should thank to the soldiers who enabled us living independent. Mayor ended his speech by wishing everyone health, conciseness and belief. Deputy of European Parliament Prof. Dr. Vladko Payanotov, deputies Tsveta Karayancheva and Dimcho Mihaylevski, governor Ivanka Taushanova, Head of rhe City Council Seyfi Necib, Head of Kardzhali Region Christian Community Father Petir Gerena and Mufti of the Region Beyhan Memed, heads of the state provincial and district offices, leaders of the political parties, representatives of the non-governmental organizations participated to the celebration of the National Holiday. Celebration continued with the concert of Ivelina Balcheva.


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