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Poems and Jazz for 3rd of March

 04 March 2010

Kardzhalian writers celebrated the 3rd of March in an unusual way. Stage Jazz Club opened its doors to the writers to read poets, sing songs and to share their excitement about the independence of the country and life. In accordance with the present the excitement of the celebration was experienced by “jism / gism” (energy, blaze). In this way expression has turned into an attempt (wishing to be traditional) to form an urban culture that looks for contradictions, differences and even meaningless. In addition to carrying the risk of being distasteful to some people it is trying to find its place among the colors of the city. It is such a culture that the characteristics, passions and desires of the people find their own expression thanks to the music and the lyrics.
Local art lovers invited their colleges from Haskovo to the well-attended meeting of the Poet and Jazz. Among those there was Eli Videva, poet and Head of the Hoskovo – Association of People Working for Cultural Organizations who brought harmony to the organization with her poems.
The organizations that take place in Stage Jazz Club bring more and more music lover citizens and guests together. Activities called “My Record Nights” are appreciated very much. Recently, Ignat Peychev and his music ban and guitar virtuoso with the nick name “Slow Hand” played the best songs of Eric Clapton in this place.


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