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 09 March 2010

For the attention of the Political Parties that are represented in the 41st national Assembly and Local Administrators of the Coalition Parties
Dear Sirs and Madams,
Election of the Village Headman of the Miladinovo Village will be done on 17 April 2010. According to the Decree issued by the President of Republic of Bulgaria on 01/03/2010 with the number 41 and 1st Clause of the Local Election Law 29th article I invite you to the meeting that will take place on 13 March 2010 at 15.00 at the Municipality building Room: 407. The Poll Commission will be determined at the meeting.
In order to participate the meeting you should bring the following items;
1. Power of attorney given by the Central office of the Political Parties which is valid in Kardzhali and will be used in the election of the Village Headman of the Miladinovo Village on 17 April 2010.
2. According to the 32nd Article of the Local Election Law Member Offer Letters from Poll Commission to the represented political parties or coalition parties.
Mayor of Kardzhali
Eng. Hasan Azis

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