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Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis met with the Prime Minister about Perperikon

 09 March 2010

Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis met with Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, on the 8th of March. One of the topics of the meeting that took place in the Ministy was about the Perperikon Touristic Center. The project started in 2009 and it includes the protection and consolidation of the rock cliffs, protection and restoration of the archeological objects and construction of the touristic plant. Minister of Culture Vejdi Rashidov, archeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov and architect of Perperikon Touristic Plant Mincho Nenchev also participated the meeting. FAR Program used to finance the Perperikon Touristic Plant Project however the project is not being financed anymore. Mayor Azis demanded the Perperikon Touristic Plant Project to be included in the priority list of the government and to be financed by the Central Budget. Mayor added that the Municipality did its bit and condemned the private areas for the project.
Ministry of Public Works and Settlement have to initiate the procedures needed to perform the project. Minister of Public Works and Settlement, Rosen Plevneliyev, and Minister of Culture Vejdi Rashidov stated in the meeting that both of the Ministries would prepare a working scheme for the project within 10 days. In another meeting with Minister Plevneliyev Mayor Azis requested for continuation of the Perperikon Project and initialization of the project of constructing the Kardzhali belt line. The Regulations of Ministry of Culture about the archeological excavations and the prevention of the area were discussed with the Minister Rashidov. Hasan Azis brought up the problem of Kardzhali belt line as a second issue during the meeting with the Prime Minister. He underlined the importance of the need to immediately initiate the preparation of the project. Finally, the last issue discussed with the Prime Minister was the communications gap between the local administrators and the government. Mayor Azis stated that he felt bad about the lack of conversation between local administrators and the government and added that this situation harmed the Kardzhalians.

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