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Snow in March Closed the Schools

 09 March 2010

13 schools in Karzhali were closed today. Due to the bad conditions of the roads primary schools in Boyno, Enchets, Zvinitsa, Kostino, Konevo, Makedontsi, Miladinovo, Most, Ohlyuvets, Perperek, Rani list, Stremtsi ve Chiflik were closed by the decree of Mayor. The transportation was difficult even from the suburb areas to city center. According to the information received from the road cleaning company snow ploughs started to clear the snow and open the roads in the early morning. Municipality OCB Company started to clean the roads at 4.00 AM. There were 6 snow ploughs in the city center, Studen kladenets and Baykal neighborhoods. Pitno Podirjane Company with 4 snow ploughs started to clean the roads at 3.15 AM. Despite these the roads in Vizrojdentsi, Veselchane, Gledka and in villages were closed in the morning. Experts of Transportation and Security Department who are responsible for the auditing the snow cleaning in Municipality stated that they warned the Pitno Podirjane Company for the last time. Authorized people of the company promised to clean the main streets and crossroads that day.


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