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Premiere of the representation named “Bizimkiler”

 12 March 2010

Audience appreciated the last representation – “Bizimkiler” – written by Kardzhali Youth Activities Cultural Center, Chudomir. Cultural house was filled to capacity and the dramatis personae were applauded for a long time. This representation was prepared by the cooperation of director Gilib Bochukov and composer Radost Popova with the assistance of Dimitir Ganev and Peter Delchev. This musical is a composition of the other representations of Chudomir like “Onlardan Degilim”, “Bizim Pondyo”, “Genchocular and Penchocular” and “Birgun Ben de Haykiracagim”. This representation aggregates the densities and the characters of the people like a puzzle. Opera singers Ivanka Hristova, Dora Tochkova and Tsonka Tocheva captivated the audience with their performance. Dimitir İliev, Kiril Petsev and Nikola Radikov accompanied them. Yanka Dimitrova successfully took to the stage and Yuksel Esen surprised the audience by switching between different characters quickly. Each dramatis personae animates different characters during the representation. The songs composed by Radost Popova makes the representation unique. Dancers of folklore group directed by vasil Vasilev took place at the representation for the first time. “Bizimkiler” is devoted to the humorist writer Dimitir Chorbaciyski – Chudomir.


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