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March 22 – World Water Day

 22 March 2010

Today, we celebrate the World Water Day. Water Day that is being celebrated internationally was firstly celebrated in 1992 at the Environment and Development Conference organized in Rio de Janerio Brazil. Not all the people over the world have access to clean and safe drinking water. And the aim of this day is to draw attention to the problem of access to clean drinking water. It is well known that water is the most important source and every living creature needs it. This year Municipality of Kardzhali invites everybody to use water thoughtfully. The one who promises to undertake some actions will help to solve the global problem.
I can help to protect water too!
22 March 2010 – Due to the World Water Day I promise to undertake the following actions to prevent the water sources;
1. I will minimize water consumption as follows;
- I will turn off the tab while brushing my teeth
- I will repair my toilet that pours
- I will not let the water flow during I wash the dishes
- I will not dump paint and chemical materials to the water carrier or to the toilet
2. I will not litter on the beach and take the trashes that is left behind by other people
3. I will plant tree in my neighborhood. I will agree with my neighbors about the care of these trees.


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