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Kardzhali Kadriye Latifova Musical and Theatre Presents Spring Concert

 22 March 2010

Spring Concert by Kardzhali Kadriye Latifova Musical and Theatre team will delight Kardzhalians. The concert will be on the 23rd of March at 19:00. Songs in various languages will be sang, modern dance shows will be performed and poems will be recited at the concert which is organized due to the coming of the spring. Head of the Theatre Team Kishev will also sing a song of Joe Cocker with a different interpretation. Today at the Kadriye Latifova Musical and Theatre the last rehearsal of the Spring Concert which is scripted by Fehim Horozov – theatre writer who passed away recently – is being done.
Last week in front of the press the Head of the Cultural Center Kishev stated that the performance will be referred to his former colleagues. He also mentioned that the idea of giving the name of Fehim Horozov to the rehearsal hall at the theatre was being discussed. He announced the premiere of the representation called “Kanli Nigar” written by Turkish writer Sadik Shendil at the Kadriye Latifova Musical and Theatre. Stefan Kishev said that; “This representation is a interpretation of kindness and devilry. At the final the representation gives the message that even though honest people suffer a lot kindness wins at the end.”
In addition to these, Kiskev announced that they were working on a new project. Turkish Folk Tales representation prepared by Prof. Rumen Rachev and Assoc. Prof. Boryana Georgiev will be performed in the middle of April.

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