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The Construction of the Industrial Products Market Begins

 22 March 2010

Today, Deputy Mayor Nurcan Huseyin met the tradesmen of the Industrial Products Market. The renters of the Industrial Products Market demanded more information about the new market that is going to be constructed. They stated that they were afraid of losing their stands since these stands were the only source of their incomes.
Deputy mayor Huseyin said to the tradesmen that there was nothing to worry about. He added these; “With the income gained by the sale of some of the shops 50 new stands will be financed. Therefore the total number of the shops will be nearly 100. Some of these shops will be rented but the honest tradesmen will be preferred. The tradesmen who cannot afford buying a new stand will have opportunity to rent the shops that will be operated by the Regional Directorate of Markets.”
Huseyin also mentioned that there were not any restrictions on the number of the shops a tradesman can buy. New shops that look alike the stands will be made of aluminum and will be placed at the closed part of the creek at the bottom of the Haci Simitir Region. After the construction of the new Industrial Products Market the former market will also operate. The construction of the Industrial Products Market will begin within 1.5 months. At the moment decision of the company that will construct the Market is being made.

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