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Spring Poetry Reading

 26 March 2010

N.Y. Vaptsarov Regional Library and Kardzhali Military Club are organizing Spring Poetry Reading tonight. Besides the local poets, poets from Stara Zagora and Haskovo will participate to the activity. Journalist and poet Kerka Hubenova from city of linden will introduce her new poetry book called “Wings Upon Taj Mahal”. The books called “Unexpected Adventures” 1990, “The Obelisk of Loneliness” 1996 and “The Mime of the Beach” 2002 are the other books of the poet. She is the member of “Bulgarian Writers” Association. She is working for 5 national newspapers and she is the owner of the “Blist” Agent. Moreover, she is working as the special correspondent for “Intermedia”-Sofia.
Beside Eli Videna, Mina Karagozova, Stoyka Marinovska and Dr. Yasen Kalayciev from Haskovo Violeta Boncheva and Elena Muri from Stara zagora will accompany her at the poetry reading. Spring Poetry Reading will bring the poet lovers together at the Military House at 17.30 tonight.

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