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Kardzhali BCM Has Been Opened

 01 October 2009
United Nations Children's Center in new training Kardzhali (BCM), "Painting and Art Department," Department of Science and Technology "and" Sports and Tourism Department "in three sections to offer 27 different activities.

The Road to the Visegrad Garbage Dump is Shut Off

 02 October 2009
The citizens of Kardzhali "Gledka" and "Gorna Gledka" neighborhoods reported that they would organize demonstrations if the transition problems of the garbage trucks going to Visegrad dump would not be solved.

The Decision of CBS Environmental Protection Specialist High Council is Appealed

 06 October 2009
Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis who participated the session of the Board mentioned these: "Kardzhali Municipality will use its right to appeal the decision that gives permission of installation of the construction of the gold mines to “Gorubso-Kardzhali” Company.

"Old Masters" will be guest to the National Assembly

 06 October 2009
Some works that take place in the Kardzhali “Stanka Dimitrova” BSG “Old Masters” exhibition will be displayed in the Assembly Hall of the National Deputy. Today, Mayor of Kardzhali,


 07 October 2009
Program of cultural activities organized by the Municipality of Kardzhali due to the Kardzhali Day, 21st of October 08.10.2009

Meeting with the Art

 07 October 2009
Within the cultural program of municipality because of the Kardzhali Day on 21st of October, Krig Art Operation prepared several activities in October. One of these activities was to accomodate youth culture expert Constans Barer Dangleter from Brussels in Dijdovnitsa.

The Future of the Herons

 08 October 2009
The team of Kardzhali "Obedinenie" Reading Hause prepared a project called "The Future of the Herons" in the autumn of 2008. Project was funded by "Ekoobştnost" Foundation.

Lincoln Exhibition

 14 October 2009
Like in the presious year, Union of American Friends will take place in the celebration program of Kardzhali Day. On 15th of October (Thursday) at 17:00 at the Region Museum, an exhibition will be organizad called "United State’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln's 200th Year”.

Eng.Azis is selected as the Representative of the European Regional Committee

 15 October 2009
The Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis is included to the group of representatives from Bularia of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels in 2010-2014. The decision is made by the Council of Ministers yesterday.

“Petya Karakoleva” Prize is Given

 16 October 2009
Today, three novels of Petya Karakoleva will be introduced in the lounge of the "Obedinenie" reading house at 15.00. The critics Blagosveta Kasabova and Nikola Ivanov, and the young writer Maya Dılgıçeva will talk about the novels of Petya.

Kardzhali brings the Young Talents Together

 16 October 2009
Today, the children from seven cities of the Bulgaria came to the Kardzhali for the photo competition, “Photo Tales About Kardzhali”.

Establishing New Park in the City Center

 19 October 2009
On 21 October 2009, the first and the second phases of the "Arpezos-North Park" and “Kardzhali Business Center Park” agreements will be signed at BKBB which is financed by the "Regional Development" Operative Program.

Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis, Gledka and Gorna Supported the Protest of Gledka Citizens

 19 October 2009
The citizens of “Gledka” and “Gorna Gledka” neighborhoods closed the road of trucks going to the Visegrad dump. Citizens had the official permission to protest between 11:00 and 17:00 given by the municipality.

Owner of the “Petya Karakoleva” Award is Nikolay Milchev

 19 October 2009
Poet Nikolay Milchev is the owner of this year’s “Petya Karakolaeva” National Children Literature Award. The books of Mr. Milchev was selected among the books of Zoya Vasileva, Tsvetan lalov,


 20 October 2009
Kardzhali Municipality invites citizens and guests to the celebrations held due to the 21st October Kardzhali Day. 20/10/2009

Stefana Vasileva is Nominated as a Candidate of “Honorary Citizen”

 20 October 2009
Stefanka Vasileva who is a biology expert, lecturer and an environmentalist, is nominated as a candidate of “Honorary Citizen of the Kardzhali Municipality”

Art Lovers’ Celebration

 20 October 2009
Yesterday evening, many art lovers came together at the Center of Kardzhali Union of Art. Traditional exhibition of painters organized due to 21st October Kardzhali Day was opened.

Kardzhali Celebrated the 97th Year of its Freedom

 22 October 2009
Kardzhali celebrated the 97th year of its birthday with lots of smiles in a sunny day. Celebrations began by leaving wreaths and flowers to the General Delov’s monument. Afterwards, the groups from all the Kardzhali schools walked from boulevard of the city center.

Silviya Katsarova Sang in the Kardzhali Day

 22 October 2009
Silviya Katsarova also participated to the concert in the City Garden in front of the Osvoboditelite Memorial that is performed due to the Kardzhali Day. Famous singer once again captivated the audience.

Members of the Parliament and Guests from Foreign Countries Participated Celebration Session

 22 October 2009
The celebration session of the Municipal Council that was held due to the 97th year of the freedom of Kardzhali, began with the marches of Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Vasileva Stefana Became the New Honorary Citizen of Kardzhali

 22 October 2009
Vasileva Stefana became the new honorary citizen of Kardzhali. This title is given by the Municipal Assembly unanimously in the session held due to the Kardzhali Day celebration.

Eng. Azis is the Owner of the "Dobrolyubie" Award

 22 October 2009
The Mayor of Eng. Hasan Azis was given the "Dobrolyubie" Award due to his continuous support for the improvement of "Dobrolyubie" Hospice. Award was given by the president of health center,

The Children of Kardzhali have fun with Milka

 22 October 2009
The sympathetic Milka cow and chocolates were the guests of Kardzhali for promoting the fun world of Milka with a show. This show presented in Troyan, Kustendil and Pernik before Kardzhali.

Young People’s Outdoor Scenery

 22 October 2009
Young people showed their skills at the 21st of October, Kardzhali Day. At 16.00 past Georgi Dimitrov monument area next to the “Dimitir Dimov” Theater turned into an open stage where the Kardzhalian young people had chance to make their dreams of taking stage in front of the audiences come true.

Celebration Concert

 22 October 2009
The October 21 Kardzhali Day celebration concert was held at the Culture House on Tuesday. The organizers chose some shows to address everyone’s interest. The youngest dancers of the “Obedineie” Reading House,

“Old Masters” Collection was Guest to the National Assembly

 23 October 2009
Yesterday, President of National Assembly, Tsetsa Tsancheva and Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis opened an exhibition at the National Assembly. 25 tables have been exhibited from the “Stanka Dimitrova” RG fund “Old Masters” collection, in the Deputies Club.

Agreement for the right to go to the Ring Road Landfill was

 23 October 2009
Today, the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis stated that the problems of the Gledka about the garbage trucks passing through the neighborhood can be solved in the session of the Regional Development Provincial Assembly.

Kardzhali Municipality, For the Agreement with the Regional Development City Council Has Three Suggestions

 23 October 2009
Today; Municipality of Kardzhali made three recommendations at the meeting with the municipalities of the province. The meeting was about investment and the precaution activities in the purposed supported regions in the province.


 23 October 2009
Municipality of Kardzhali performs "Change Support" project of the “Power of Human Development" operative program of the "Care in the family for the self respecting and independent life of the handicapped and alone people "Social Assistant" and "Home Assistant " Activities - Stage 2" activities.

Cooperation Protocol

 28 October 2009
The mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis and the mayor of Kocaeli Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu signed a cooperation protocol in Kardzhali, yesterday.

The Anthology of Mahmut Daruis is Presented

 28 October 2009
People lived the pain of war know that the evil is always exist since people do anything to destroy him. In fact, there are lots of methods to defeat the evil.

Meeting with Prof. Boyan Biolçev

 28 October 2009
Yesterday, "Hristo Botev" YDL "Young Historians' Club arranged a meeting with Biolçev Boyan, the literature professor and the former rector of the "Sv. Kliment Ohridski "University, by the help of the director of the History Museum, P. Petkov.

“We, Sparrows” Theatre Make the Children Happy

 29 October 2009
“Obedinenie” Reading House Children Theatre Group is presenting the play of Yordan Radiçkov, “We, Sparrows”, which is directed by Dimitır Varadinov.

Eng. Azis met with Ahmed al-Madbuh

 30 October 2009
Today , the mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis, met with the Ambassador of Palestinian, Ahmed al-Madbuh. The meeting was in the afternoon and lasted about an hour.

The Administrative Center of the Ahridos Is Being Restored

 30 October 2009
The administrative center of the East Rodops between the 9th and 12th centuries, located about 2 km’s from the Perperikon is being restored by the archeologist Nikolya Ovcarov and the architect Konstantin Peev.

Present From the Mayor to the One Hundred Year-Old Nanny in Tri Mogili Village

 30 October 2009
Today, the mayor of the Kardzhali visited the one hundred year-old nanny living in Tri Mogili and gave her a sofa bed as a present. She, Feyme Mustafa Halibryam, was born in February 1909.

Handiworks and Poems from Palestine

 31 October 2009
An art gallery was organized for the Palestine arts by the Embassy of Palestine, the Municipality of Kardzhali and Krig Art Campaign. In the gallery on the Thrace Boulevard, the original costumes, photos and miniatures are being exhibited.

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