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Guests From Elhart

 04 June 2009
Artist Janet Kroniter and her student Rubiye Hetgas from Elkhart, one of the sibling municipalities of Kardjali, visited the mayor of Kardjali Hasan Azis.


 09 June 2009
The program of the cultural activities organised by the Municipality of Kardzhali between the 11th and 15th of June 2009 is: 11.06.2009

The Managemenet of Water Pools of Plovdiv Orginsed a Public Discussion with the Municipalities at the Arda River Basin

 16 June 2009
The Managemenet of Water Pools of Plovdiv organises a meeting about the protecting the quality of the water, defined by the Plan of the Management of River Basins.

Kardzhali Gathered The Speleologists From Bulgaria and Other Countires Together

 19 June 2009
This morning the National Caves Festival has started by the vice-president of the Municipality of Kardzhali, Elisaveta Kehayova, and the president of the Bulgaria Speleology Federation, Aleksey Jalov.

The M-Tel Beach Masters In Kardzhali

 19 June 2009
The M-Tel Beach Masters Beach Volley Tournament is going to be held in Spartak Sport Square between 26 and 28 June. The tournament has been held for three years in Bulgaria and it is one of the most popular sport events of the country. Hence, the best beach volley players of the country attend to the tournament.

“Perperikon 2009” Started

 22 June 2009
The 9th International “Peroerikon 2009” festival has opening with a ceramony in which Georgi Parvanov flamed the torch. The opening ceremony took place in this morning in the stone city. The performance of the rhythm group of Andrey Batashov fascinated the guests in the ceremony.

“Kardzhali 2009” Thrace Festival

 22 June 2009
Many of the Kardzhalians came together at Prostor Park in order to watch the performances on Saturday. During these performances many of the songs popular in Aegean and East Thracian immigrants were played.

Kardzhali Has Hosted The Beach Volley Players

 26 June 2009
This morning, the second of the M-Tel Beach Masters tournament of the season at Spartak Sports Square. The tournament has been held for three years in Bulgaria and it is one of the most popular sport events of the country.

Water Mirror – A Dream Came True

 29 June 2009
Thousands of Kardzhalians participated to the opening ceremony of a facility that is the first one in Bulgaria called “Water Mirror”. Ceremony was carried out on Saturday near the Bridge Ardino. The Minister of Culture Prof. Stefan Danailov and Nurcan Hyuseyin, who is temporarily conducting the duties of the Mayor of Kardzhali, cut the ribbon with a length of 180 meters.

Lili Ivanova Won “Golden Perperikon”

 29 June 2009
This year Lili Ivanova was the one to win the great reward of the Ninth “Perperikon 2009” Arts Festival. Hundreds of fans of the artist came to watch the ceremony. Director Asen Shopov was also given a reward. Lili Ivanova said: “Songs are my life.

Growing Number of Beach Volley Fans in Kardzhali

 29 June 2009
Kardzhalian players are Karjali’s champions! Last two years champions of Bulgaria, Nikolay Kolev and Neven Neşev defeated Milen Stoyanov and Boris Yankov from Varna. Approximately 2000 people supported the team and our team won the final 2-0. On the other hand,


 30 June 2009
In the Miloslava Slavova arts direction the annual concert of the groups BCM “Do Re Mi” and “Musicrush” was performed with the acclamation and enjoyment of the audiences. Little songbirds charmed the audiences with the different and amusing repertory.


 30 June 2009
According to the 1st and 2nd line of the 44th article of the Law of Local Government and Municipality in order to provide normal conditions to the parliamentary elections at 05.07.2009 I order:

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