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The Art Makes Us to Join Together

 20 August 2009
Kardzhali Municipality won a project from the Center of Inclusion of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities to Education (COİDUEM) as stated below: Name of the project: The Art Makes Us to Join Together Financier Institution: COİDUEM

Orpheus 2009 Summer Music Academy

 25 August 2009
Orpheus to 2009 Summer Music Academy will be hosted by Kardzhali and Momçilgrad from August 30 to September 6. The organizers of this activity are the Municipality of Kardzhali Kardzhali with Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis and the Municipality of Momçilgrad with Mayor Erdinç Hayrula.

"Art Horizons"

 25 August 2009
The fourth "Art Horizons" International Art Festival, which is in the calendar of cultural programs of Ministry of Culture, will be held between 23-31 August in the in the village of Dijdovnitsa of Kardzhali Municipality.

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