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Powers and duties of the Mayor of Kardjali Municipality

/ Excerpt from Regulations on the structural organization of Kardzhali Municipality /

Article 15. (1) The Mayor of the municipality:

       1. carries out the direct management of the municipal administration, pursuant to Article 3 of the Public Administration Act;
       2. submits to the municipal council the structure of the municipal administration in order to be approved;
       3. appoints and dismisses the deputy-mayors of the municipality, mayor proxies, heads of departments funded by the municipal budget, municipal administration staff except for those related to Article 46, paragraph 1, item 4 of the Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act, and imposes the extra-legal penalties foreseen by the law;
       4. is responsible for the  observance of social order, and in order to secure this, issues written statements which are compulsory for the chiefs of relevant police stations;
       5. organizes and is responsible for the implementation of the municipal budget;
       6. organizes the implementation of long-term programmes;
       7. organizes the execution of the decisions of the Municipal Council and then reports this to its members. Sends to the Municipal Council the deeds he/she has signed within the frameworks of 7 days from the date of issue;
       8. organizes the execution of the tasks which result from the laws, presidential acts and Council of Ministers’ acts;
       9. assigns the implementation of his/her duties and functions to the mayors of villages, coordinates and controls the expedience and conformity with law during their implementation. Controls whether the acts issued by the mayors of the villages are in conformity with the law, and also has the right to cancel the acts of the mayors of villages;    
       10. maintains relations with political parties, public organizations and movements, as well as with other self-government authorities in the country and abroad;  
       11. organizes and carries out activities on protecting the population and taking precautions during natural calamities and accidents;
       12. assigns or allows drawing up territorial development plans and carrying out changes for the terriotory of the Municipality or for certain parts of it, and approves certain territorial development plans under the circumstances and in compliance with the Territorial Development Act, and also organizes their implementation;   
       13. carries out the duties and fuctions of the Registrar of Civil Status and has the right to assign these duties in written form not only to the mayors of the villages where civil status registry are kept, but also to other municipal administration officials; 
       14. ensures the provision of organizational and technical services to the Municipal Council;
       15. approves the regulations on the structural organization of the municipal administration;
       16. carries out his/her power and duties concerning acquisition, management and disposition of municipal property which is not included in the assets of municipal enterprises by order and regulations indicated in the Municipal Property Law;
       17. functions as public body of custody and guardianship;
       18. chooses the name of the titles of state officials and classifies them into groups and ranks, in compliance with the Unified classificator of administrative offices, adopted by the Council of Ministers, pursuant to Article 2, paragraph 2 of the State official act (SOA);
       19. confers ranks on state officials, pursuant to Article 74 of the SOA;
       20. approves the work hours of the officials in the municipal administration;
       21. in terms of carrying out his/her duties the Mayor, in compliance with Article 44, paragraph 1, unit 1 of the Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act, and as far as the synchronization of the activities of Municipal administration are concerned, the Mayor: 
           а/ organizes weekly work-meetings with deputy mayors, secretary, heads of departments and chiefs of sectors every Monday from 10 o’clock;
           б/ organizes long discussions with heads of departments every other week;
           в/ together with the deputy mayors and the secretary of the municipality, he/she carries out discussions with the mayors and deputy mayors of the villages every first Wednesday of each particular month in accordance with a preliminarily drawn up by the head of “Administrative and informational, legal, and financial and accounting services” programme;
       22. presents the annual public report before the Municipal Council and the population of the municipality once a year;
       23. maintains partner relations with other municipalities of the country and abroad, as well with non-governmental organizations;
       24. represents the municipality before physical and legal persons and before the Court.

(2) The Mayor of the Municipality carries out other functions as well, for example such ones which are defined by law, subdelegated legislation or a decision of the Municipal Council.

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